Tinder adds photo messaging to its app

Tinder adds photo messaging to its app

Social dating app Tinder has announced that it has introduced a feature to its service that allows users to share photos.

This new tool, which has been named Moments, has been developed in the hope that people will start associating the app with more than just dating. It will allow those who use the service to send photographs that will expire 24 hours after being posted.

Photo sharing is part of the company’s internet marketing strategy to attract new customers and change its image. Tinder is facing increasing competition from apps created by traditional dating websites, and it believes that entering the social messaging arena is the best way to get ahead of its rivals and connect with its users.

The move would see the digital service break into an area with fierce competition, but one that continues to grow; this has been highlighted by the increasing popularity of other social platforms – such as Snapchat and Instagram – that offer photo messaging services.

The co-founder of Tinder, Sean Rad, has stated that the company has made this decision because “making a connection is not enough”, and believes that the addition of photo sharing would see users of the app make “meaningful connections”.

The firm would not specify the total number of worldwide users of its service; however, it did indicate that it has over 10 million people in the US alone who can link their Facebook photographs to their Tinder profiles, despite the fact that the dating software has had security problems in the past.

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