Three types of news content to avoid on your business blog

Posted on February 25, 2013


News blogs are very popular with businesses, as they can be a great way for keeping a company’s website updated. When written well, news blogs can attract regular readers who might sign up for a company’s RSS news feed. However there are some types of content best avoided to ensure a professional image is maintained.

1. Serious news items should never be used as the basis for making a commercial point. Google recently planned to feature a logo containing an asteroid. This should have been a light-hearted image as the Earth was due to have a near-brush with an asteroid; however, the image became inappropriate when news broke that hundreds of people in Russia had been hurt by falling meteor debris. Businesses producing news blogs need to be sensitive to this type of development, and to stick to news topics that aren’t likely to cause hurt or offence.

2. Sensitive company information should not be disclosed in a blog. It’s quite common for businesses to use news blogs as a way of allowing customers to get to know about the company ‘behind the scenes’; however, this type of content needs to be written with care, avoiding commercially sensitive information or anything that could be contentious.

3. Poorly sourced or unreliable information should always be avoided. There has recently been some discussion about whether a company like Google can be held responsible for inaccurate information published using its blog hosting service. For any reputable business, all news should be checked for reliability and should come from a trustworthy source.

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