Three reasons why planning will improve your web content

Posted on September 3, 2012


Good planning is just as important for your web content as it is for any part of a business. Here are some of the main ways in which planning can improve the results you get from a website.

1. Planning helps identify seasonal events. For many types of business, seasonal content is an effective way to attract traffic. By flagging up important times of the year for your business, you can help keep the focus on the type of content that will work best at those times. Thinking about seasonal fluctuations will also help you choose relevant news to report and will keep content fresh

2. Planning helps content to stay on track. Many bloggers start with a burst of energy and enthusiasm, but it’s hard to keep this consistent over the life of a blog. Planning a frequency for content can help with motivation and can help identify problems as soon as they come up. Many businesses outsource content like blogs because of the difficulties of sticking to a schedule over a long time

3. Planning ensures that content fits in with the other aspects of the business. Content writing should be seen as part of the overall strategy of a business, and it can help to see how it works alongside other activities. If you place your content within your overall business plan, it’s easier to make sure you’re using your resources wisely and to produce content that ties in with the important things that are happening with your business

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