Three great social media themes to end July

Three great social media themes to end July

It’s the last week of July next week, and while you might be sweltering in the heat and dreading the thought of the kids being out of school all summer, make time for your social media campaign and see out the month in style.

Here are three themes worth getting onto next week:

1. Milk Chocolate Day
When?: Thursday, July 28th
What is it?: Celebrates the variety of chocolate we eat the most of
Perfect for: Chefs, confectioners, general chocoholics
How to mark it: Most chefs and caterers will use milk chocolate here and there, so tempt your followers with pictures of your tastiest offerings. Also, most offices have chocolate lovers, so share a picture of your secret stash. For whatever reason, people do tend to interact with posts about junk food, so it’s a great way to drive engagement
Hashtag: #MilkChocolateDay #NationalMilkChocolateDay

2. Rain Day
When?: Thursday, July 29th
What is it?: Gives due credit to a type of weather we moan far too much about. Apparently, it was founded by a pharmacist in Pennsylvania in the 1800s who observed that it always seemed to rain on July 29th
Perfect for: Agricultural firms, climate awareness groups, raingear sellers
How to mark it: After the start of this week, some rain would be more than welcome, but we tend to complain when it arrives. Show your respect for the weather by explaining what rain does for your crops, how you reuse rainwater or the steps you take to keep things waterproof
Hashtag: #RainDay #NationalRainDay

3. Friendship Day
When?: Saturday, July 30th
What is it?: Simply a day for people to celebrate their bonds with their friends
Perfect for: Gift companies, any service friends can do in groups
How to mark it: If you offer an experience people like to do together, tap into the theme of friendship today to promote it. Encourage followers to tag their best friend(s) in a post to expand your reach
Hashtag: #FriendshipDay #InternationalFriendshipDay

Also, a heads up that the final of the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 is on Sunday, July 31st. Currently, England are favourites to win it after dazzling in the group stage, so you could share your support for the Lionesses if they feature. If not, you might be able to tie something you do in with Germany, France, Sweden, the Netherlands or one of the other favourites.

To keep track of theme days all year round, download our Social Media Marketing Calendar, and be sure to join our Elite Digital Marketing Community on Facebook for constant tips on how to get the most out of the web and social media.

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John works for Engage Web as a Content Team Leader and regularly contributes to the website and programmes of his beloved Chester F.C.
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