Think longtail, not keywords

Think longtail, not keywords

When you’re writing content for your website, you of course need to keep your keywords in mind. There’s no point writing about things unrelated to your site, irrelevant or never mentioning the keywords you wish to be found for within Google. However, you need to understand that your keywords don’t just end with your keywords. They’re much more than that.

You need to make sure that your website ranks for your keywords, but also for phrases relating to your keywords, phrases containing your keywords… phrases people will search for.

For example, if your keywords are words like: TV Stands, TV Brackets and TV Shelves – you wouldn’t just write content on your website with those words as titles. You need to use those key phrases within your content and your titles, phrased as though someone might want to read it. An example of a good post title would be: ‘Advice on fitting TV brackets’ or ‘Different types of TV shelves’.

If you concentrate on the longtail, the keywords will look after themselves. This will gain you better rankings for your main keywords, and it will gain you more traffic, which is after all what you’re writing content for.

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