The Wikipedia effect

The Wikipedia effect

Wikipedia will be known to most people who use the Internet on a regular basis. It will certainly be known to anyone who attempts to search for things on Google. Wikipedia is an online encyclopaedia that is updated by the Internet community. As it is user updated, it has been criticised for being inaccurate but due to its moderation it is by and large fairly accurate about most topics.

Also because of the manner in which it is updated, it receives thousands of updates every day, with new pages and new sections of content added to it. Wikipedia has literally millions of pages of content. Google currently shows Wikipedia as having more than 50 million pages of content, although as Google doesn’t disclose everything, that figure is probably much higher.

steven seagalConsequently, when you search for anything, from information on Steven Seagal to how water purification works, you’ll find Wikipedia ranking on the first page of Google’s SERPs.

Incidentally, we didn’t check those two results until after we wrote them, they just so happened to both show Wikipedia as #1.

How does this work?

Regular readers of this website will know what we’re about to say… regular, unique, interesting content. Yes Wikipedia has a lot of links pointing to it, millions in fact, but do you think it bought those links? Do you think it used a cheap Polish link supplier and spent several thousand pounds on links?

Of course it didn’t, it built those links, acquired them naturally, through the creation of content.

Now, you can’t beat Wikipedia in the SERPs, but you can become the Wikipedia of your industry.

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