The White House goes social with Facebook

Posted on May 4, 2009


While many companies still maintain a policy of their staff being banned from social networking websites such as Face Book, MySpace and Twitter while at work, The White House has embraced the social networking websites for the potential that they possess. You can now keep up to date with what new president Barack Obama is doing in office by following his Tweets, or checking up on his Facebook page.

Since Obama became president the White House has embarked on many Web 2.0 projects, including YouTube, Flickr and iTunes.

The White House is making a good job of reaching out to people who may otherwise be out of touch with politics news, such as regular viewers of YouTube.

It’s important for businesses to understand the importance of social media such as YouTube and social networking websites such as Facebook. Businesses that turn their noses up at these sites, banning their employees from using them and dismissing them as purely ‘time wasting’ will fall behind those businesses that can utilise them to the full.

Social media websites aren’t just useful for reaching new customers and contacts directly, social media also plays an important role in reputation management, further enhances your exposure within Google.

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