The value of SEO maintenance

The value of SEO maintenance

Imagine this scenario: you’ve completed your site’s optimisation, and everything is going swimmingly. Because you ignored so many other factors of your business during the search engine optimisation process, you leave your site alone for a couple of weeks to get everything else sorted out. Eventually, you remember the advice of your SEO company and start posting some fresh content. You also stick in a couple of links to some associates, because they’ve promised to link to you. After just a few months, your entire site is a mess.

A regular maintenance schedule is essential for the long-term health of your site. Most companies will already have a site maintenance routine before they approach SEO, which might involve checking code and backing up files regularly. Your optimisation maintenance schedule should be easily slotted into your regular computer routine. You don’t have to check up on your optimisation every day, every week, or even every couple of weeks. The important thing is that you maintain it.

Your SEO maintenance routine will depend a lot on what you’ve done to optimise your site. Usually it will involve checking up on your keywords, looking at what competitors are doing and analysing your traffic statistics for changes. It should also include posting a continuous supply of content to keep the search engine spiders checking your site. It’s important to note that SEO tactics change over time, so part of your maintenance routine should involve analysing internet trends to detect when those changes should be made.

If you’ve consulted an SEO company for your site’s optimisation, it can be a good idea to discuss a maintenance routine with them. Just as each site’s optimisation is individual, an optimisation maintenance routine needs to be individually tailored as well.

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