The true colours of the web

Posted on January 4, 2014


Each and every website out there has its own look and feel – its own personality, if you like. One of the biggest contributors to this is the website’s colour scheme.

Colours can make a substantial difference to the emotive impact of a website and a little site called Web Colour Data offers a great tool to discover the true colours of your site.

By simply inputting the address of a website, the tool will take a snapshot, analyse the colour composition of the site and give you feedback on the ranges and volume of each colour present by giving the more prominent ones a bigger bar than the others. This makes for an interesting analysis of what the palette is for your particular site, and what kind of impression it is giving.

Certain colours can have a significant impact on how someone perceives your site as well. For instance, red is associated with danger, intensity and strength when it is a standard red, but by lightening it you can move into areas of love and sensitivity. Orange gives the feel of sunshine when in its warmest and strongest tones, and even denotes value and prestige when coupled with shades of yellow to make gold.

Green tends to signify nature, health and prosperousness, seeing as it is a colour associated with money and piece. Coupled with blue, which has similar connotations, it can give a website fresh and clean feel as long as the old adage about “blue and green should never be seen without a colour in between” is observed.

Purple and violet, meanwhile, are the colours of luxury, decadence and harmony, they are strongly associated with wisdom and creativity.

A wealth of information regarding colour theory and its emotional impact on your clients and customers is available on the site, so why not see what the palette of your website is and maybe gain a clearer perspective on what it says about you?

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