The Stig captured on Google Street View

The Stig captured on Google Street View

Some say he thinks that SEO stands for ‘Slightly Elasticated Oranges’. Some say he believes that Google and Yahoo are both flavours of milkshake. All we know is, he’s called the Stig and he’s been driving a go-kart in Legoland in Windsor.

The Stig’s test drive of the go-kart was captured by Google Street View, where he has become something of a legend – a sort of ‘Where’s Wally’ figure. This latest image of the Stig was uploaded last week, together with other pictures taken in Legoland. In addition to the shot of the Stig driving a go-kart, he can be seen stood next to a Lego model of London, stood next to a Pharo (also made from Lego) and in another picture sat on a camel – yes, you guessed it, made of Lego.

However, for some reason Google is trying to erase the Stig from its Street View photographs. The Stig was recently seen on the banks of Loch Ness (for some reason) on Google Street View, but those photos were removed by Google.

The Stig’s latest appearance in Windsor is also being pixellated by Google so that we can’t recognise the familiar white helmeted figure from Top Gear.

In March this year Google added 95% of homes in the UK to its Street View, and a staggering 210,000 miles of UK roads.

This has led to some funny occurrences however, such as the woman who was caught by the Street View cameras walking her dog 43 times in Norfolk.

Google has been using a series of trikes to photograph parts of the UK that were previously inaccessible, including Stonehenge.

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