The purpose of content isn’t to sell your services

The purpose of content isn’t to sell your services

Sometimes it can be easy to lose sight of the real purpose of adding content to your website. For example, when it comes to updating your website you don’t need to be adding Shakespeare level content, your content doesn’t have to be award winning literature and it doesn’t have to go into in-depth detail about every sinew of the topic.

Yes your content has to be well written and it has to be interesting, but the regularity of the content is the key, not the quality and grammatical perfection. Spending days, or even weeks, deliberating over every item that is added to your website will not help the SEO of your site. Google isn’t bothered whether your content is word perfect, whether your grammar is without error or whether every fact and figure is checked, rechecked and checked again. What Google cares about is finding content on your site, regular content that is added often and is relevant to your website.

Google can’t index your email inbox, it can’t index printouts on your desk and it can’t index your computer (unless you have the Google Desktop application, but that’s another matter) so in order to help your website you need to add content to it, not discuss it for days!

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