The perils of ‘fire and forget’ SEO

The perils of ‘fire and forget’ SEO

fire and forget SEO

It is often said that SEO is more akin to an art than a science. A thorough background in search engine optimisation theory is not quite enough to make the grade as a top notch SEO, you also need a muse to guide your hand. Applying this knowledge effectively requires a degree of flair and leftfield thinking, and an ability to understand how the smallest change can affect a SEO campaign as a whole.

Another crucial quality that a reputable search engine optimisation company will exhibit is that of diligence. When deciding on whom to manage your SEO campaign, it’s important to know if they will monitor it closely, fine tune it where necessary and spot any changes that need to be made in order to keep you ahead of the game. It’s all well and good having a bespoke SEO plan for your business, but if it’s not overseen, it defeats its object. SEO changes constantly, so should your SEO strategy.

Your site’s progress should be measured with care, as a flexible campaign is more likely to yield success. This can take time – a site owner rarely has the time to digest their website’s traffic data amid the day-to-day running of their own business, meaning that any tweaks made may be erroneous. A fundamental of business is competition, so other companies in the same sector will be aggressively competing for traffic, sales and visibility.

In addition, a large part of your own SEO campaign involves monitoring your rivals’ websites, as their tactics in improving their search results all too often have a bearing on your own.

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