The more effort the better

The more effort the better

Easy-to-acquire content is not enough, especially not if it was as easy as copying and pasting from someone else’s website.  Copying and pasting just creates duplicate content, which Google does not like and can result in your site being penalised and even dropped completely from the rankings, so why risk it?

The more effort you have to put into your content, the more likely it is that it will be quality content.  In an ideal world, all content should be unique, interesting and give great benefit to its readers but we don’t always have the time to create this sort of content.

Having said that, there is little point in spending hours upon hours in creating a perfect, Shakespeare-esque article when other sites will be creating middle-of-the-road content and moving up the rankings far faster than you so it is important to find a balance.

It doesn’t have to be Shakespear, but avoid the copy-and-paste approach and create SEO-friendly, unique articles as frequently as you can and if your time is better spent elsewhere, appreciate the experts in their fields and outsource to someone who can do the job for you at a cheaper rate.

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