The main difference between offline advertising and SEO

Posted on August 9, 2009


All too often in the world of Internet marketing website owners try to employ offline tactics online to boost their sales and conversions, however the Internet is an entirely different animal with different needs.

For example, a common form of offline advertising is with flyers, posters and brochures – the printed medium. By printing good quality adverts for your business you can entice new customers to try your products and services. Leaflets can be handed out and the quality message and imagery entices people to your business. Posters can be strategically placed to attract attention and brochures can be sent out via a mailer to attract your business.

This does not work online. The act of creating a website with attractive imagery and hoping that whoever sees it will feel inclined to try out your services is a futile one when nobody will see it in the first place. Imagery will not bring you traffic because no one will find your website to see it.

Content is the way forward, and without good quality content your website will not receive any search traffic; and as search traffic can make up over 90% of your traffic, it’s worth you looking into improving it.

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