The key to keyword discovery

The key to keyword discovery

It’s a strange dance, the I-can’t-find-my-keys dance. Everyone’s done it at least once in their lives. It involves moving randomly from kitchen to sitting room to bathroom, doing unlikely things such as getting down on hands and knees or searching frantically through the freezer. Why do we do this? It’s because we know that keys are slippery little suckers, apt to hide in the most unlikely of places.

Keywords can be just as hard to uncover as that missing set of keys. Most site owners start by looking in the obvious places, and have a small amount of success. But as anyone in SEO careers knows, if you really want to get the keys that will open up the best rankings, you need to look in the more unusual places.

*Beside the fridge – Your customers’ emails are an incredibly valuable resource for keywords. Every time a customer contacts you about a product or service, they give you clues as to how they think about it and what words they use

*Under the couch cushions – If you don’t have a comments section, look at those of your competitors

*Down the street – Don’t overlook local keywords. With Google concentrating on locality, some of your best keywords could be down your local Chester chippy

*On top of the TV – You’ll hear search engine optimisation experts talk about social media sites as if they’re a miracle. This is because they are. Not only are they great places to promote your site, they’re a great way to maintain contact with existing customers

Keywords, eh? They’re always in the last place you look.

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