The internet has ADD

The internet has ADD

You may not have noticed, but the internet has an incredibly short attention-
Oh, wait. Come back! Press pause on that YouTube clip you’re watching, hold that IM chat, and refrain from status updates for a few moments. Now, as I was saying, short attention spans are the name of the game on the net.

This has an immense effect on your search engine optimisation work. SEO relies heavily on content. Unfortunately, content relies heavily on the time to read. Time, as pointed out above, is something most internet users are not willing to give.

How to deal with this? Here are a few of the hard lessons learned by those in SEO careers:

*Bullet points are your friend. They set everything out in a neat and easy to digest format.

*Numbered lists are equally friendly. They serve a similar function. Just be careful of your choice of numbers – a list of four doesn’t tend to get nearly as much attention as a three- or five-point list.

*Catchy openings are essential. They’re what convince people to stay.

*Short sentences are like popcorn – it’s easy to go on to the next piece. In other words, decide what you need to say, and say it in as concise a fashion as possible.

*Short articles don’t ask too much of readers. They also make your content writing less time consuming.

It’s important to offer quality information to your readers for SEO, but equally as important to offer it in a manner they’ll appreciate. Remember the hyperactive nature of net activity.

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