The increasing volume of voice searches

Posted on August 31, 2012


SEO is generally geared towards servicing typed queries. With the continued rise of voice searches though, it may also be necessary to introduce SEO which works to a slightly modified criteria.

The major stumbling block with voice recognition software is that accents are so different. This all means that when one word is said by many people, different results may be produced.

The problem goes deeper than this though. Particularly in regard to the English language.

There is a huge number of words that sound the same, but are spelt differently and mean different things.

Take ‘see’ and ‘sea’ for example, ‘allowed’ and ‘aloud’, ‘weak’ and ‘week’ to name just three. Then there is the whole facet of problems with homonyms which are spelt and sound the same, but have different meanings.

Understand this, and it is easy to see why the development of voice search tools is not easy. Factor in the need for multiple languages, and it is also easy to see the other issues faced.

However, the boys and girls at Google seem to making inroads into the voice of the internet of the future.

Already working with 29 languages, the tech company’s Android smartphones can now search with languages such as Basque, Catalan and Galican.

With a total of 42 languages now supported, other companies will likely be able to help develop the technology onto further levels.

However, much as we still struggle from time to time with accented conversations, so too will online voice search tools. As such, SEO jobs in the future may well have to concentrate on what sites hear, to make sure they get… here.

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