The importance of interesting content

The importance of interesting content

We all know that writing regular content is essential for your website, but it’s just as important that your content is interesting. While it’s true that Google won’t really care whether your content is interesting or not, your users and site visitors will. They will not want to read bland content that just reiterates the same point over and over, and doesn’t offer them any valuable information, insights or even some level of entertainment.

For example, if you have the same message written a thousand different ways you’ll get indexed by Google sure enough, and may even be seen as something of an authority on your subject, but you won’t attract any links from your content and you certainly won’t pick up any subscribers or repeat visitors.

Attracting links is one of the most important things your content can do, as building links can be difficult and time consuming. Therefore by making your content interesting and humorous you can naturally build links and receive more traffic.

The more quality links you build, the better your site will rank in the search engines.

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