The growing importance of infographics

    Posted on August 30, 2013


    In a world saturated with adverts, stories and statistics, and with the internet only a mere click away, there is a real danger of consumers being overloaded – trawling through so much information can be monotonous.

    A well-designed infographic, however, can set companies apart from their competitors and should also enhance brand awareness. So many companies and organisations now are instantly recognisable from the logos they use, and infographics are one more way to get these across; they do offer more than this, though.

    Infographics enable a firm to break through clutter and get a message across in an interesting manner, telling a story through design, text and imagery. This story should, above all, educate the consumer with useful bite-size facts that they’ll want to pass onto the people they know.

    They should present data or knowledge in a visual form – both quickly and clearly – and leave a memorable impression on consumers. After all, the end goal is to entice these people to share the infographic with their friends through social media.

    Although organisations will want the infographics they use to be excellently designed, simplicity still holds up. A cramped page can be very off-putting for potential customers; the message needs to be transferred in a quick and efficient manner and should be easily accessible.

    The main benefit of social media for businesses is that allows them to be on the same level as their consumers. However, using it to present wordy reports and jargon-filled studies to busy internet users is unlikely to be a productive strategy. This is why infographics are becoming so popular.

    John Murray
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