The future power of the comment

Posted on May 9, 2012


There are numerous blogs and forums used by companies on their websites today and many people suggest that Google largely ignores these in its rankings. However, these comments could be set to become the next big thing in determining rankings and help Google+ gain on its rivals.

If developed, the strongly rumoured third party commentating system could be used by Google to impact significantly on rankings in the organic results.

It is thought that comment spam is one of the major causes of manipulations to Google today, resulting in basic stops put up to limit their ranking power. However, if developed the commentating tool will be able to verify a user’s identity through Google+ and thereby give credence where necessary.

It is clearly a way in which the Californian giant is trying to promote their social tool ahead of the likes of Facebook. How successful it will be is unclear but if implemented, it will severely impact on some SEO practices.

Spammers certainly would be undermined, which is good. However, genuine people leaving bona fide comments could be counted against negatively, simply because they do not have a G+ account.

There are issues here of course. Registered users could still spam, though it is likely steps will be taken to make sure this does not happen.

What would be better is if Facebook, Twitter and Google got together to create a commenting control system, though privacy concerns would still need to be addressed.

This way, all genuine comments with a traceability and reference point could contribute effectively to the rankings of websites.

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