The further adventures of Procrastination Man

The further adventures of Procrastination Man

He’s faster than a speeding broadband connection. He’s stronger than your urge to go get another cup of coffee. He’s… Procrastination Man.

Oh, the work Procrastination Man can do in the business world, fighting the evils of procrastination. Unfortunately, since his last bout with Dr. ICanHasCheezburger, he’s in a bad way. Any website owner in peril will have to find a way to avoid procrastination by themselves when trying to continue their search engine optimisation.

A lot of site owners put off their SEO for a long time, then really get into the flow of it once they get a SEO plan happening. Unfortunately, after that busy period, a huge number of site owners let their search engine optimisation slip, letting everything stay as it is until finally they have to completely re-optimise the entire site again due to the change of algorithms or the work undertaken by their competitors.

This isn’t something that needs to happen. A good SEO plan can be kept up with periodic maintenance. This means that instead of having to completely overhaul your site every year or so, you simply make adjustments when needed. The best part of all about an SEO maintenance plan is that it combats procrastination by setting regular tasks. It’s a good idea to talk to your SEO firm about this.

When your search engine optimisation plan is in place, and the work is all done, it’s all too easy to procrastinate. Don’t let this undo the hard work you’ve put in so far. Combat the natural ebb and flow of business life by putting an SEO maintenance plan in place, and refer back to it regularly to check that you’re on course.

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