The difference between marketable and non-marketable traffic

The difference between marketable and non-marketable traffic

A lot of your website’s traffic consists of internet users who are open, if not willing, to be sold to. Some are uninterested however. Site owners can save a lot of time if they distinguish the difference between the two groups.

Take, for example, those businesses who get behind reality TV stars such as those on Strictly Come Dancing. Every so often, you’ll come across a store with a poster asking you to ‘Support Our Tom!’ or similar, signifying that the store owner has a personal connection to the star signified. This is likely to draw interest from the casual passersby, but they’re not there for the store’s goods. Pursuing non-interested traffic with SEO is like chasing those passersby around stores in Chester or Liverpool’s town centre.

The main way to tell the difference between the two types of customers is in the keywords they’re pursuing.

1. Customers that want to be sold to. These keywords are the ones you’ll be familiar with through your search engine optimisation work. Anything with ‘buy’ or ‘prices’ is a dead giveaway, but even keywords that mention specific products or services are a good bet.

2. Customers that are never going to buy. These are the kind that enter via naturally-occuring keywords, and are looking for general info. Keywords with ‘history’ or ‘technical info’ are not likely to be sales-related.

Non-sales keywords don’t mean you can’t have any hint of sale on your page. They just indicate that you shouldn’t spend hours optimising to fit your conversion path in. Recognise that some people are just browsing.

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