The difference between good content and bad content

The difference between good content and bad content

When it comes to adding content to your website, it’s not just a matter of any content will do. You need to make sure the content you add is of a sufficiently high standard in order for it to work. It needs to read well, be concise, interesting and informative. Above all, you need to write content that people will want to read.

Many people understand the importance of adding regular content to their site, but just don’t understand the right way to do it. If you add badly written, nonsensical drivel to your site, like many people do, not only will you not be benefiting your site, but you will in fact be hindering it.

If you’re looking for a content writing partner or just to outsource some web copy, be very careful you use, as you could be hiring content writers from anywhere in the world, with a different mother tongue to what you’re after. English written by anyone who isn’t fluent in English is rather easy spot, both by your website users and by search engine algorithms.

Add quality content, not gibberish.

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