The Dark, Dark Secret Behind SEO

    Posted on November 26, 2012


    There are few industries with the type of dark and shady reputation seemingly reserved for search engine optimisation and Internet marketing. If truth be told, some of the industry probably deserves this reputation and has done little over the years to dispel it.

    Many SEO companies have, over the years, contributed to this clandestine image by employing what is called ‘black hat’ tactics with clients’ websites, such as renting links, spinning articles and filling websites with nonsensical content just for the sake of adding keywords.

    These things were done, in short, because they worked.

    Much like Anakin Skywalker turning to the Dark side and becoming Darth Vader, this represented the quick and easy path. Sadly for them, Google became wise to these tactics and, through its Panda and Penguin updates, managed to negate such parlour tricks from unethical SEO companies. Unfortunately many ethical businesses were caught up in the crossfire and their rankings, and business, suffered from Google’s cleaning house.

    So what is the dark, dark secret to SEO? The darkest secret to SEO isn’t all of the tricks and cons which many SEO companies have relied upon for years; it’s that none of these things are really necessary.

    Ask yourself, why is Google the most successful search engine? Why does it make billions of dollars every year? It’s because it works, it provides its users with what they’re looking for – which is always a website relevant to their search query. So long as Google provides websites relevant to people’s searches, people will continue to use Google – all you have to do, and we say ‘all’, is to make your website relevant to the searches so Google WANTS to rank it highly.

    If you searched Google for your keywords, and found your own website, would you be satisfied with what have found? Does it give you enough information? If the answer is no, the solution is easy…

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