The biggest content mistake… ever!

The biggest content mistake… ever!

Any company that knows what it is doing in marketing on the web will understand that buyer behaviour has changed substantially since the start of the Internet revolution.  This change has both its advantages and disadvantages, but one thing that has changed is the buyer’s attitude.

By the time buyers on the internet come to make their purchase, they have already researched the product or service and armed themselves with a lot of information.  They will not tolerate self-promotion or blatant advertising.

What buyers want is a company that provides them with the information they want in a compelling manner without all the hype of ‘ours is the best’.  If you give your customers content that informs them, entertains them and leaves them feeling more informed, then they will be more willing to engage with your company.

Get your content right and you will have a loyal, growing customer base – the path of gold.  Get it wrong and you will simply alienate what could have been potential customers.

It might sound dramatic, but if you deliver content that has only you in mind, buyers will not only ignore you but could even generate negative content or word of mouth that will spread across the internet and online reputation management can be very difficult – and expensive – to rectify.

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