Coding: why now is the time to learn

Coding: why now is the time to learn

Around 30 years ago, the BBC launched an initiative to improve the nation’s coding skills. It started by putting its own micro computers into classrooms across the country – some will no doubt remember the green text and dark screens of these beige and black machines.

The campaign helped to guide a lot of people into the art of programming, easing them down the route of learning BASIC by making it easy to get to grips with the fundamentals. They could then move on to their own preferred language. The idea provided a huge boost to the technological prowess of the country as a whole and many of the current generation’s developers spend time thinking back to the days of the Commodore 64 and its helpful ‘syntax error’ message – we’ve certainly come a long way.

With the web now so ubiquitous, it is time for this generation to experience that same thrill and interest of not only knowing how to use current technology but how to control it as well. App development is a particularly popular field, serving as a great platform to begin the journey. With hardware like the Raspberry Pi readily available too, a new vista of creativity has been opened for the developers of the future.

Along with the fact that programming standards, such as those set by the W3C, are being adhered to more closely by today’s developers and web designers, the curriculum materials and learning resources are already there for the teachers and students to access, meaning this drive to give younger people control and influence over the applications they use every day could be a great success.

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