The advantages of putting content first

The advantages of putting content first

Website design should logically begin with content, letting the rest of the plan evolve around it. Oddly enough, the reverse of this is what tends to happen, with the words on each page of a website being added as an afterthought. Having spent most of the planning stages putting thought and effort into the design, probably using some Latin text, there is a mad scramble towards the end of the project to come up with some vaguely appropriate words. The thought of hiring experienced content writers may be seen as unnecessary because ‘anyone can write’ and there is the issue of all the money that has already been spent on the website.

This is unfortunate because putting content before design can have benefits that go far beyond the obvious ones of engaging and informing the reader. If the designer already knows what the content will be before embarking on their part of the project, they can shape the design around the words. Images can be chosen that carefully reflect the content on the page and, if there are large bodies of text, the design can be used to break them up.

Giving the words room to breathe and enhancing readability are only part of what is possible. Writing has a particular voice or tone, and the fonts and colours chosen by the designer can echo this. Such a website is more likely to appear cohesive, meaningful and elegant, with visitors evaluating it positively. It is worth investing in professional UK copywriting services to make sure quality content is in place when planning a site.

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