Testing new ideas

Testing new ideas

One of the things that we here at Stuck On Towers like to do is have ideas.  We have loads of whiteboards, and loads of ideas, and we put these ideas on the whiteboards and see which ones make sense.  Some make a lot of sense – for example, creating Stuck On was an idea on a whiteboard at one point.  So was selling web tools.   The only thing that wasn’t an idea on a whiteboard was the idea of getting whiteboards to put ideas on.

So what do we do with these ideas?  We test them.  You don’t think we would go telling people that web tools are great without first of all putting them on sites we own to test them do you?  Every idea that we have that makes it into production has been tested and retested to make sure that it works and will provide the required benefits to you.  All of our products and strategies that we offer as a company have been tested by us (repeatedly!) and work.  The ones that don’t work (and there are a couple..) you will never hear about from us, as if they don’t work, we don’t pass them on.

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