Teacher’s email a cause for concern

Teacher’s email a cause for concern

In the days following the call for greater emphasis on spelling and grammar at school by Education Secretary Michael Gove, an email received with 14 errors was reported by a concerned parent. The email had been sent to the parents of a pupil as they were unable to attend parent’s evening at Gleed Girls’ Technology College, Spalding. The pupil’s parents were concerned by the numerous errors and questioned the teacher’s ability.

The email has been examined by a spokesperson for the Plain English Campaign, Marie Clair, who said that this extreme example of poor grammar and spelling was an indication of how we communicate in today’s society. The email also signified the need to consider the effect of our communications on others.

Many of the spelling errors were thought to be typing mistakes, although others were thought to be genuine spelling mistakes. This email could also have been a result of a high pressured job where the teacher found themselves under pressure and short of time, not proof reading their work and rushing to complete the email.

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