Target your content

Target your content

In order to encourage repeat visitors or attract the sort of traffic that could be interested in your product or services, then be sure to write relevant content.

Readers on the internet have a shorter attention span than readers of a magazine, for example, so keep the content to the point and don’t waste words.  Be sure to separate into short paragraphs and use subtitles if necessary as readers will skim and scan a web page to see if it looks interesting enough to read or contains what they want.

Consider who your audience is likely to be and what they are likely to be searching for.  Write niche content on the aspects of your subject that readers will find meaningful, interesting or useful.

The overall aim is to establish your website as the authority in your area, so if someone wants to find or read something on the subject you deal with, then they can find it on your site.

If readers are not customers yet, then when they come to purchase they will feel like they already know you and trust your site.

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