Take Michael Jackson’s advice on SEO

Take Michael Jackson’s advice on SEO

Michael JacksonI want to get a particular song stuck in your head. Envision a constant disco beat, pulsing lights, and Michael Jackson, booming over some imaginary speakers. Picture him singing sweetly, highly, and utterly unintelligibly for the first verse until the chorus hits, and he advises that you don’t stop ‘til you get enough. Jackson’s 1979 disco funk hit, ‘Don’t Stop ‘till You Get Enough‘ had millions dancing across the globe, and once you’ve got it stuck in your head you shouldn’t be able to get rid of it easily. Is it there yet?

No, don’t run away – it’s essential for your SEO plan. It really is.

SEO is all about persistence. This is something that a lot of businesses simply don’t get. Persistence and patience are the things that make up a really good SEO plan, and they’re something that a search engine optimisation expert really needs to have on board as well. Whole SEO careers have been built from sheer tenacity, if nothing else.

To get the rankings you desire, you have to keep going. Not only do you have to ‘not stop’ until you get the rankings you want, you can’t even stop then. Maintenance of a ranking requires a consistent and long-term search engine optimisation campaign, and the point at which you get enough should only really be when all of your competitors have completely given up.

In comparison, having a Michael Jackson hit from decades ago constantly stuck in your brain really isn’t that big a price to pay. Just in case you haven’t quite let Michael in there yet, have a watch of the video – and don’t stop ‘til you get those rankings.

  • Clever article! Who knew Michael Jackson could help with SEO? 🙂 Actually, you make a good point about needing to be persistent to maintain rankings, one that a lot of business owners just don’t understand.

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