Take advantage of events when writing content

Take advantage of events when writing content

Sometimes, writing content every day for your website can be difficult. You retread the same ground, you rehash old ideas and you don’t feel that you’re covering anything new. This is also a problem for your search traffic, because if your website simply restates the same thing over and over, why would anyone find it in the SERPs?

You can however spice up your content without going off topic. You can take advantage of special occasions and events to write themed posts. This works because you get to write something a little different and you’re writing about events that people will be searching for.

For example, the obvious events are special posts for Christmas, New Year, Halloween and Easter; however you can also write about more niche events such as today, Arthur Guinness’ birthday.

Many people will be searching for information on Guinness today and by writing about it you can take advantage of this increased search traffic for your website. Remember though that it still has to be relevant to your industry and your site’s content, so relate the event to your website rather than simply going off topic.

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