Survey suggests G+ update to have a minus effect

Survey suggests G+ update to have a minus effect

A recent survey has suggested that Google’s “Search Plus Your World” offering could backfire; and not just with competitors in the social network market.

As we reported earlier this week, there have already been reports of EPIC in the US filing a complaint with the regulator, whilst many respected SEO commentators have expressed their disappointment. However, with this survey polling consumers, things could’ve gotten a little worse.

According to the results of the poll by AYTM Market Research, only 39% of those surveyed thought that “SPYW” was a “good idea.” Further still, 45% of respondents weren’t in tune with having their social activity making up part of their SERPs.

This means that quite apart from being attracted to use G+, they may well be deterred from it; something that search engine optimisation marketers should note with great interest. We all know that this move means there’ll need to be stronger efforts to our G+ accounts but, these may not need to be as concerted as first thought – or not yet anyway.

The survey also reported that 8% of respondents would open a G+ account because of the update.

This is at least good news for Google, though the far more significant figure of 44% that will not open an account despite the update, is larger than many in California would’ve wanted.

Presently, there’re somewhere in the region of 62 millions users of G+, with some estimations suggesting this could rise to 400 million come 2013. Time will tell as ever, though the direct effect that “SPYW” has will be key.

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