Style over content is an empty experience

Style over content is an empty experience

Website design often involves making decisions about structural and visual details, while merely blocking in those areas where written content will go. In this way, the text becomes an afterthought. Although content is recognised as being important for SEO, the industry as a whole tends to concentrate on technical aspects and keywords at the expense of writing worth reading. Reputable SEO copywriters aim to produce words of quality, drawing the reader in and increasing the chances of attracting links.

Superior content makes a site so compelling that visitors will link to it automatically. The website may become established as an authority in its field, building not only a reputation but also a degree of trustworthiness amongst its readers. On the subject of trust, it can be counter-productive to conceal the connection between the content, however engaging, and the business side of a site. Readers do not enjoy having their intelligence insulted and if they are feeling deceived by a website they are unlikely to want to engage in any commercial transactions with its owners.

Once content has been recognised as a priority, where are the gripping articles, fascinating topics and spellbinding words to come from? It is unlikely that they can be dreamed up by a team whose expertise lies in other areas. This is where the use of a professional article writing service can make all the difference to a website, providing just the right words to keep readers enthralled and with the know-how that ensures the content is found in the first place.

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