Study shows quarter of searchers click first organic result

Study shows quarter of searchers click first organic result

A recent study conducted by Sistrix has found that more than one in four Google searches result in the user clicking the first organic result.

The Sistrix study took a look at billions of searches for 80 million keywords in order to understand how Google users engage with the search results pages. The results showed that the first organic result on the page had an average clickthrough rate of 28.5%.

Following this, the average clickthrough rate drastically falls for the second and third organic results, with these receiving rates of 15% and 11%. This continues to fall the further down the page a site is, with the tenth result, the final organic one on the first page, having a click through rate of just 2.5%. Furthermore, the study finds that users rarely venture past the first page, with each result on page two having a clickthrough rate less than 1%.

The study has found that the clickthrough rate for the first organic result tended to vary on a big scale, swinging from between 13.7% clicks to 46.9%. The study aims to find out the reasons why this is.

A search result with a sitelink extension can achieve a click through rate of 46.9%. Sistrix suggests that this could be because sitelinks are shown by Google when the user searches for a specific website. This reason makes it logical for the top result to receive almost half of all clicks from these searches.

Searches with Featured Snippets had a clickthrough rate of 23.3%, which is a little below the overall average for position one results. Searches with Google Ads fall even further, with the top result returning an average clickthrough rate of 18.9%, with searches featuring knowledge panels again dropping to 16.8%.

This study highlights the importance of a website attaining good rankings and appearing towards the top of the search results for related searches. The closer you are to the top, the more likely you are to attract traffic.

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