Study finds featured snippets appear more often on desktop

Study finds featured snippets appear more often on desktop

A new study has found that featured snippets, which appear in the search results of Google, displayed more frequently for searches conducted from a desktop computer.

Research found that featured snippets appeared during 86.6% of searches conducted on desktop, compared with 73.3% of searches from mobile devices.

The study was conducted by Rank Ranger, which analysed data for 265 keywords that were known to produce featured snippets in the search results. Rank Ranger found that Google was more likely to show featured snippets for searches conducted on a desktop device at any given time of day. The data was analysed over a 30-day period.

Furthermore, the study also looked into the consistency of the URLs displayed between the two different versions of the search. It found that the those embedded within the featured snippets only displayed across devices up to 70% of the time. For the remainder of the tie (29.7%), these URLs only featured across one device.

Drilling further into this statistic, Rank Ranger found that when it only analysed the data where the featured snippet appeared in both versions of the search, the URL provided was the same on both desktop and mobile 90.7% of the time.

This data can prove to be useful to publishers and content marketers because it can prompt them to check that the keywords at which they are targeting their campaigns have featured snippets appearing on one version of Google or the other. This can help them to influence content to be more suited to either desktop, mobile or both, depending on the findings.

Finding out where the desired featured snippet appears most often can also have an influence from a technical standpoint too, as decisions relating to user experience can be tailored more to one version or the other.

While you may want to consider where your featured snippets are more likely to appear, you should also be wary of what type of device your visitors and potential customers are likely to use as well.

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