StuckOn the band?

StuckOn the band?

To some users of Facebook it may have appeared this last week that we at StuckOn have formed our own band and started to pen some rock ‘classics’. However, this isn’t the case – it’s simply a case of ‘what’s in a name?’.

A group of people have decided that the name StuckOn, as well as being a great name for an Internet Marketing agency, is also a suitable name for a band. They have their own (albeit very new) Facebook fan page which features photos of the band in action, such as this photo here.

The photo depicts the three members of StuckOn, Ilija Kurteski, Petar Markoski and Filip Risteski – nothing to do with our members of StuckOn – we assure you. We do offer our full support to StuckOn the band and wish them well in their endeavours; they must be good with a name like that 😉

Anyone who feared that we were in some way moving into music can rest easy as our skills will be kept purely to SEO and other forms of Internet Marketing, rather than attempts to play instruments and, dare I say it, sing.

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