StuckOn offers free SEO advice in latest .Net Magazine

Posted on January 10, 2011


If you’ve picked up the latest issue of .Net Magazine you may have noticed the free SEO advice column from StuckOn. In this issue (February, issue 211) StuckOn’s Lianne Wilkinson explains how you can achieve top rankings in Google without paying an SEO company, all through the use of content.


The article speaks about how you can give Google exactly what it wants, what it’s looking for to make it successful in offering relevant results, and, in turn, Google will promote your website for you. The idea that you can attain excellent Google rankings for free with the use of content is something that few people find the time to explore, but when you consider that Google makes its money by attracting users, it follows that the more relevant Google’s results, the more people who will use it for searching, the more money Google will ultimately make.

You can help out Google (and thus help out your own website in terms of your Google rankings) by making your website comply with what Google is looking for. We have written a more detailed post about this here, where you can see just how, and why, rankings can be obtained within Google for free.

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  • Thanks for the great free advice, very helpful for boosting SEO!

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