StuckOn, not Stuck On You

StuckOn, not Stuck On You

One question we often get asked here at StuckOn, apart from is your name ‘Stuck On You’, is why are we actually called StuckOn.

The question has two answers, and both are correct. Firstly, the name StuckOn implies that by using our SEO and copywriting services you’ll find that visitors will ‘stick’ to your website a lot more. The content on your website will be unique, and interesting, resulting in repeat visitors who want to read more, and of course more links as people share your content. Your ‘bounce rates’ will be reduced as visitors spend more time on your website, reading all of the great content.

That’s the first meaning of the name StuckOn. The second, and one we use more often, is a question to the tune of ‘what aspect of Internet marketing are you StuckOn?’. Many businesses have a website already, but only a small percentage of those businesses actually find their website useful to them in terms of generating sales and leads. This could be for a great many reasons, some obvious, some not so obvious. They’re ‘stuck on’ their Internet marketing and need help.

Stuck On You
Stuck On You: The 2003 film with Matt Damon, Greg Kinnear and Eva Mendes

What our name doesn’t mean however is ‘Stuck On You’, the 2003 film starring Matt Damon (you shouted that name then didn’t you?), Greg Kinnear and Eva Mendes, about two Siamese twins who are joined at the hip. Often when we give our company name people think of this film, which is fine by us – as it is a really funny movie. However, when you come in to speak to anyone at StuckOn, don’t expect to be greeted by Siamese twins occasionally fighting with each other… unless of course it’s a Tuesday, they only work Tuesdays.

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