StuckOn goes to the dogs

StuckOn goes to the dogs

Last week StuckOn, together with a few guests, went to the dogs – Belle Vue Dogs in Manchester. SEO clients, content clients and a number of colleagues and friends all went to Manchester’s famed dog track to try their luck at picking winners, hedging bets and selecting forecasts.

It has to be said that some were more successful than others. Friend Mark Evans, from Ellesmere Port for example had a streak of good luck that lasted throughout the night. Every dog he backed seemed invigorated, trying doubly hard to impress his fortuitous sponsor. In stark contrast, StuckOn’s Darren Jamieson ended the evening with a perfect record of 13 races, 13 bets, 13 crumpled up betting slips – all thrown away with more pace than any of the dogs he’d backed managed to muster during the races themselves.

Despite the losses from some, everyone had a great time and the evening proved a total success. We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone at Belle Vue Dogs, even the man who kept taking our money in exchange for bits of paper that could be scattered liberally around the table, and to all of our guests who, without their help, the evening wouldn’t have been as much fun.

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