Strategy for your site and industry

Strategy for your site and industry

Having met with a business owner this morning who has a great product in a market that is lacking in web expertise, it struck me that most businesses do not see beyond their own sites when it comes to strategy.

It would be easy to scoff at companies that don’t look further than their own site (i.e. 95%+ of companies) but instead, lets see how we can help companies to see how to do things differently.

The company in question is smaller than the lead competition, but will outperform the same competition within a few months for some keyphrases, and in much less than 12 months should become the leading source of information in the industry.

Further to this, by creating an independent site – also in the same industry – and filling it with great content, there is a huge chance to take another large slice of the market. These two sites combined, in the space of a year, could potentially be a controlling force within the business’ sector and help it to become a leading player, deciding how the industry moves forward online.

Prophetic words you may think, but we have seen it before at Stuck On – we know it can happen – and we will see it again many times.

As I always say, without the content, all the doors to success are closed. Add the content and lots can happen.

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