SpongeBob takes on the mighty Twitter

SpongeBob takes on the mighty Twitter

Between 12th and today 15th July 2011, Nickelodeon – based in New York – will be airing brand new episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants, which will incorporate the world of Twitter. While this may seem incongruous as this is indeed a child’s programme, the senior vice president of Nickelodeon, Roland Poindexter wants to reach out to Twitter users, as the viewing figures show that a third of the audience are adults.

This popular trend for focusing on Twitter also reveals the depth of involvement that social media has now got in the industry of entertainment. The creators of TV shows and executives are continually searching Twitter, looking for the latest trending topics and activity which indicates the popularity of a new show. A large number of television shows and large scale events like TV award shows enjoy increased popularity as a result of viewers Tweeting while watching TV. According to a study carried out by Deloitte, 75 percent of TV viewers watch TV while interacting with other users of social media.

The SpongeBob saga will be told in true Twitter style, with tweets and photos between SpongeBob and his ocean bottom friends. TV executives are increasingly involving social media as a promotional tool to gain viewers. Social media plays an important role in search engine optimisation, with business owners and the SEO management team optimising their brand, with Twitter a crucial component in the SEO campaign. The showings of SpongeBob will culminate in an episode which airs on 15th July, called “Frozen Face Off”.

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