Spam shame: don’t be outclassed by spammers

Spam shame: don’t be outclassed by spammers

Did you know that spam sites can help your site’s listing?

Although Google has announced that it’s taking a stand against spam this year, and has made a good start by targeting duplicate content, there are a lot of spam listings still appearing in the SERPs. For the last few months, there has been a startling trend toward spam sites achieving top placements, particularly when it comes to ecommerce keywords. All these listings might seem to be taking away from your ecommerce site’s potential, but there is one way spam sites can help you. By crafting a better listing, you can still beat the spam sites.

Placement is important in the search engine results pages, but your listing is what will close the deal. Most of these spam sites are easy to spot, even for the average Internet user. The majority of Internet users will not click on a listing that endlessly repeats the keyword ‘Liverpool FC’ if they are looking for genuine merchandise.

These spam listings are a curse if you’re trying to get your site in the top spot with SEO. By simply following the basic rules of search engine optimisation, however, you can ensure that your listing will catch the eye of your target users. Avoid lists of badly repeated keywords. Instead, craft a meaningful sentence containing one instance of the keyword. This way, you get the traffic scanning past the obvious spam.

Spam does happen. Allowing spammy sites to outclass your listing in the SERPs, however, is a real shame when it’s so easy to look so much better.

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