Spam becomes a social media star

Spam becomes a social media star

A new social media campaign has recently been launched to revive interest in Spam – the foodstuff as opposed to unwanted emails.

Sir-Can-A-Lot is an animated character which features as the online spokesman and mascot for Spam introducing TV shows and events such as Dancing with the Stars, March Madness and the World Baseball Classic. BBDO Proximity, the advertising agency for Hormel, the makers of Spam, launched the campaign which features social media posts along with video updates.

BBDO Proximity has been the advertising agency for Hormel for over 80 years. Spam is the best selling tinned meat in the United States and the social media campaign on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter has a theme of “Break the Monotony” on meals which are home cooked. The campaign suggests that Spam can be added to home cooked meals to liven them up. The senior product manager for Spam at Hormel, Nicole Behne said:

“Spam is as American as apple pie. No one can steal that from us because of Spam’s tradition. We need to continue to innovate.”

According to Behne, the existing consumers of Spam were profiled, so that the campaign could be targeted at those people who are most likely to buy the product, creating a cost effective SEO campaign. Behne further added that the internet marketing can be far more cost effective than traditional media methods which use print and broadcasting. Consumers can find Spam in 44 countries and the product is said to be growing in popularity worldwide.

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