Spacing out your content is important

Spacing out your content is important

Adding content to your website is important, everyone in the SEO community seems to have grasped that most basic of concepts and is running with it. Google likes to see information on websites in order to present to its users, if your site has information it will please Google and thus will rank better.

Sounds easy. However, many people still don’t get the idea of the content being at regular intervals. There’s no point adding 30 articles to your website on the 1st of the month, and then nothing until the next month. That won’t help your website to indexed regularly, to rank better in search engines or your site to be considered important. Those 30 articles should be spaced out, one per day, so that Google sees your site receive regular, gradual updates. This way it has to return constantly for the latest content.

WordPress is a good tool for this as it allows you to add all of your content at once and schedule it throughout the month, so you don’t need to log in every day to update your site.

Imagine it like receiving email newsletters. If you receive one a day you may read them, if you receive 30 at once, you’ll delete them. Let your content out gradually for maximum effect.

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