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    So, the website is up and running. It’s well designed, functional, and sets off the business in just the right way. All that’s left for a South Yorkshire business owner to do is wait for the traffic to roll in… well, almost.

    No website can really succeed on the net without a little extra attention. While having a nice design for a website is a good idea, success is about much more than appearances. Search engine optimisation helps websites gain the attention they need, so that the better qualities of the site – and the business – have their chance to shine.

    Expanding beyond borders

    South Yorkshire and the Humber are at the heart of the UK, and it shows. Sheffield has long been an area of industrial might, with the River Don seeing plenty of action from the steel industry. The entire county is one of England’s commercial and industrial strongholds. Past success is no guarantee of the future, however, and South Yorkshire businesses are under more pressure than ever to market well.

    SEO and online marketing should make up a big part of this. By using an online marketing plan, South Yorkshire businesses no longer have to worry about being restricted by locality. Customers everywhere from Cornwall to Copacabana are easily within reach. Using SEO as a starting point makes things a lot easier.
    Smart marketing means using SEO as a base

    Marketing these days means doing more than just advertising a business. With so much attention being given to the Internet, it’s more than smart to focus there – it’s essential. Many South Yorkshire businesses have tried to transport their regular marketing plan onto the net, and they’ve failed. This is because Internet marketing is both much harder and much simpler than marketing in the real world.

    Internet marketing can be difficult because it is often short-term. In other words, an ad is paid for, customers come rolling in, and then, at the end of the campaign, things come to a halt. When businesses use SEO as a foundation, however, a very different effect is achieved.

    SEO is a great foundation for a marketing campaign because it ensures ongoing attention. An SEO company promotes the site through a variety of techniques designed to achieve a top listing. Most of those techniques are ongoing, meaning that the business can rely on the listing for a long time to come. Advertising and other techniques can then be used to supplement the basic traffic to the site, ensuring boom periods across the year.

    Choosing local SEOs

    Selecting a search engine optimisation company requires as much thought as deciding on any service provider. Many South Yorkshire businesses prefer a local SEO company. This is because the services accessible via a local company can really make a difference, which include:

    • local knowledge – first-hand knowledge of the area helps the SEO boost the business’s local online presence
    • face-to-face contact – improves communication
    • easy access – clients know exactly who they’re dealing with, helping to create a smoother campaign

    When considering SEO companies, locality as well as professionalism should be taken into account.

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