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    Internet marketing sounds like a single concept, but in fact there are many facets a business can explore. From search engine optimisation to paid advertising, the various techniques available in the online marketing tool kit should be individually selected to suit the needs of a business.

    In South Yorkshire, with Sheffield as a focus point and Nottingham within easy reach, many local businesses may feel that the internet doesn’t need to play too big a part in their marketing plan, thinking that it’s more suited to national efforts. In truth, the internet can and should be used to help local marketing efforts, as so many people in South Yorkshire are using the net for everyday decisions. Techniques such as SEO can help businesses reach beyond Sheffield and Barnsley to the outer reaches of the county.

    Businesses know what they’re getting with SEO

    Knowledge is power on the net, and this applies as much to marketing as it does to anything. For a successful campaign, it is vital that the business owner participates in more than just the web design. Business owners need to know exactly what is going on with their marketing plans. This can be difficult when it comes to a technical subject like search engine optimization. The choice of SEO company plays a vital role.

    When looking for an optimisation company, businesses should study the way the SEO companies talk to them. If their initial contact is filled with jargon, it’s likely that an interested business is going to have trouble communicating later on. Marketing outcomes aren’t the only thing that should be discussed during initial talks. For businesses to ensure that they’re going to continue to understand what’s happening to them, it’s always a good idea to ask about the monthly reports the optimisation company will provide.

    If local marketing is a business’ focus, an SEO company with South Yorkshire experience is essential. The stone circle at Deepcar shows that people have been living in South Yorkshire since Mesolithic times, and a search engine optimization company needs to have almost as deep a knowledge of the community for effective local SEO.

    Keywords are the keystone to good marketing

    The term ‘keyword’ is usually connected with search engine optimisation, but keywords are something to be aware of throughout a marketing campaign. They provide essential cues to a business’ customers, about the services offered and the personality of a business. This is why time needs to be spent in keyword selection.

    A pitfall many businesses fall into is chasing the wrong keywords. Careful consideration needs to be given to the type of keywords a campaign should focus on. The keywords selected for a PPC campaign may be very different from the SEO keywords, or they may have the same focus. It’s important to consult expert advice

    A return on investment

    While short term returns are obviously attractive, it’s important not to overlook the long term as well. Techniques like SEO are incredibly useful in the long term, and often take minimal initial investment. For South Yorkshire businesses, it’s well worthwhile talking about the long term goals when first talking to an internet marketer.

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