Sony releases VR headset

Sony releases VR headset

Electronics giant Sony has recently unveiled a prototype virtual reality headset that is compatible with its PlayStation 4 console at a Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

President of Sony Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, revealed to news suppliers that the hardware, named Project Morpheus, had been in development for over three years. It is still far from finished as it is still in the prototype phase, meaning prices and release dates are out of the question for now.

Yoshida, who acted as the guinea pig for the headset, has said that it will “push the boundaries” of gaming, demonstrating features such as motion sensors, designed to track and register head orientation and movement that would be reflected in a game’s virtual reality world. Project Morpheus also boasts 1080p resolution and 90 degree views, prompting Yoshida to add:

“We believe VR will shape the future of games.”

Sony’s move to introduce a new product in the virtual reality market may have come following the critical success of Oculus VR, a crowd-sourced enterprise that released its own version of a headset, named Crystal Cove, earlier this year at Las Vegas’ Consumer Electronics Show.

Oculus VR’s move was mentioned during Yoshida’s presentation, where he described the firm’s work as an inspiration to his firm because of the reaction it had from developers after it released its product.

Sony has also said that it is seeking the support of developers to continue work on virtual reality in order for it to discover its full potential.

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