Someone special is making their rounds tonight!

Someone special is making their rounds tonight!

father christmasIt’s December 24th, Christmas Eve, and someone very special will be making their rounds tonight. They’ll be travelling all over the world, visiting everyone they can, all in a single night. As ever though, they’ll only visit the good boys and girls, not the bad ones, and bring them good tidings and rewards for their behaviour over the last 12 months.

Who are we talking about?

Google of course… were you thinking of someone else?

Google will be visiting every website tonight, as it does pretty much every day, indexing them and updating its search engine results pages (SERPs), rewarding those boys and girls who have been good and have optimised their website with white hat, ethical SEO.

If you’ve left a treat out for Google, such as some new, fresh content (sadly Google doesn’t eat mince pies, though some Google engineers have been known to put a few away) then Google will reward you even further.

Those boys and girls who have been bad and have resorted to Black Hat SEO will receive nothing from Google, not even a lump of coal. We shouldn’t feel sorry for them, because they’ve intentionally tried to con both Google and you, so deserve their empty stocking on Christmas morning… we mean lack of rankings within Google.

We’re getting confused with this analogy now.

So, before you go to bed tonight – or home from your office, remember to leave out some content for Google for when it comes down your chimney, or bandwidth pipe, and enters your website.

You’ll be rewarded in the morning.

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