Social networks strike back against Google

Social networks strike back against Google

Companies that maintain a presence on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook will likely have to give a lot more credence to their SEO strategies on the platforms, if a new approach to search is taken up by the masses.

In a first of its kind, the two major players have joined forces with the likes of Flicker, LinkedIn, Tumblr and so forth, to hit back at the Search Plus Your World offering from Google, which has caused such a furore.

Users downloading the browser bookmarklet will perform the search query against the most relevant social results. Google+ will still be interrogated in these queries, but the results will not be given ahead of all others on the SERPs.

Personal results will also be listed in much the same way as SPYW works, but these too will collate information across all of a user’s connections; possibly the most notable concept.

However there is one slight drawback in that it is not compatible with Internet Explorer though browsers such as Firefox, Safari and, interestingly enough, Chrome do support it.

The project has been largely led by Facebook despite Twitter complaining the loudest about SPYW. However, no official comment has been forthcoming from either side, whilst Google have also remained resolutely silent.

Available as a free download, the open-source code is simple to install and provides clear instructions for those choosing to install it. As such, it is likely to be popular with many, though the marketing of it will be key.

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